Securities and capital markets

The Firm can advise its clients on Polish laws and regulations governing the Polish capital markets, on the issuance of shares and debt instruments; with respect to mergers and acquisitions of public companies; with private placement transactions and with respect to public offerings and listings on the Stock Exchange.

In this regard, the Firm can assist its clients by carrying out legal due diligence regarding a securities issuer; can assist clients in the preparation and negotiation of underwriting agreements; and can draft relevant corporate (general meetings of the shareholders, board meetings and other related) documents. The firm can assist a client's financial advisors with the preparation and/or review of prospectuses and with the preparation of all appropriate applications to the State and the Stock Exchange authorities.

The Firm can advise on general issues of Polish corporate law related to securities and with regard to provisions governing listed companies. The Firm can advise its clients regarding the incorporation of a Polish company, shareholders’ agreements, loans to shareholders or other persons or entities, and the issuance of dividends, shareholder capital contributions.

The Firm can also assist clients with the calling and organization of shareholders’ meetings.

The Firm has long experience with the issue of minority shareholder right including mandatory buy-outs of minority shareholders in cases in which a majority of a company's shares are being sold.